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Welcome to Ards Fireplaces boiler stove page. Boiler stoves are a fantastic way to heat your home using you fireplace. They are ultra efficient at converting fuel to heat when compared to an open fire with a back boiler. Care needs to be taken on deciding wether to fit a boiler stove in your home as a number of factors are worth taking into consideration.

Do you have existing pipework. Putting in place pipework to make the boiler stove heat your house properly can be expensive.( the cost of the pipe work would buy a lot of gas or oil). This is probably the most important part of the fitting, as incorrectly plumbed stoves are a waste of time and money.

Do you have a source of fuel. A free supply of dry wood is the ideal situation, but remember a boiler stove will use alot of fuel and a large quantity can disappear very quickly. If you intend to buy wood or coal to heat your boiler stove remember that very efficient oil and gas fired boilers will probably heat your house more cost effectively.

Does it suit your lifestyle. Boiler stoves will take a considerable amount of time to heat up all the radiators and the stove due to the large volume of water in the system. For people at home all day this maybe ideal but for people who would like to have heat quickly after lighting, a standard non boiler stove would probably be a better buy. 

 Always buy quality, especially if you are investing in a boiler stove. It will take the same plumbing work and flue pipe to fit a cheap stove as a quality stove, so it makes sense to buy a stove that will last for decades. We have witnessed cheap stoves leaking the full contents of the central heating system into living room floors and furniture. We only carry stoves that we have faith in and at present all our boiler stoves are made in England from established brands. Quality stoves also convert the fuel more efficiently into heat, meaning less wood, coal etc.

Some of the boiler stoves we supply are: 

  • Arrow Stratford Range 7,9,12,18
  • Stratford Inset 12,18
  • Hunter 6,8,14,80
  • Kensal 40,60
  • Mendip 8
  • Mendip Boiler Burrington Inset
  • Esse Inset 350gs
  • Aga Minsiterley 11.2kw water
Think carefully before deciding on a boiler stove as they can be a brilliant asset to your home, but they can also be a very expensive ornament if it is not suitable for you.

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