Dragon Cowl

Dragon Anti Downdraught Cowl

The Dragon Cowl revolves with the direction of the wind, almost like a weather vane and increases draught on all chimneys. Its design is very simple and the cowl turns so it always has its back pointing into the wind. This means that the open side of the cowl never has the wind hitting it, so the wind sucks the fumes and smoke out of the chimney and means there is never a downdraught. Because of this fantastic design it prevents rain going into the flue and as it is constantly changing direction with the wind movement it acts as a bird scare. It is designed to work in all weather conditions to help cure chimney problems. 

To fit the cowl simply remove any other existing cowl and push fit it onto a standard 200mm / 8" chimney pot, or a 6" 150mm chimney pot or twin wall flue pipe version is avaible. The Dragon cowl has spring fittings attached to it, meaning that the cowl will not blow off in storms. 

Tested and proven to increase updraught on all chimneys
Ideal for Stoves and Fireplaces ( tested up to 500 Degrees C )
Unique design eliminates problems in the cowls rotating system ( unlike spinning cowls )
The chimney can be swept properly with the Dragon Cowl in position, unlike most other downdraught cowls which need to be removed 
Easy DIY push fit fitting. No tools required
Protects the flue from rain and birds. The cowl revolves so its back is always in the wind keeping rain out and scaring birds away.
Two year warranty on all parts. Made from high grade stainless steel.

From our own experience in selling fireplaces, stoves and flues, we have found problems with all the chimney cowls on the market. Standard cowls need to have rain and bird protection, which in turn can block the chimney if a plastic bag or paper get up the chimney.( it does happen ). Anti downdraught cowls usually have some form of top on them which must be removed in order to sweep the chimney properly. (the brush must stick out the top of the pot with no restrictions) and quite often they simply dont work. H Pots can not be swept properly with out removal.  Spinning cowls also can not be swept through and need to be opened or removed for sweeping. They also can be blocked easily by plastic bags or paper coming up a flue. We have sold a number of spinning cowls which have seized and stop revolving due to the bearing failing due to heat or tar.  The Dragon Cowl bearing is protected up high above the smoke and fumes, not allowing heat or residues near it. The Dragon cowl can also be left in place when sweeping your chimney. Since selling the Dragon Cowl we have had no returns or problems with them. We have studied the design and the quality of materials and cannot find a flaw with them. We hope you like the Dragon Cowl and like us you think it is a also quite attractive feature as well as very practical.

The Dragon cowls are available in store now.

£188.00  8" 200mm Dragon Cowl 

£170.00  6" 150mm Dragon Cowl

£170.00 5" 125mm Dragon Cowl 

We can delivery: £3.99 Postage and packing. 


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