Draught Generator Chimney Fan 8"

Draught Generator chimney Fan 8"


Draught generator is a chimney fan that is designed to be mounted on the top of a chimney. Its principle is to increase and stabilize chimney draught no matter of what the chimney height, wind speed or other natural conditions are. Draught generator creates underpressure in the chimney duct using a special physical effect - called injection. It is based on creating the stream of airflow in the secondary duct, which creates underpressure in the main chimney duct. Air movement is caused by ventilator which is placed outside the duct. This working mode does not block the chimney duct and does not obstruct the fume extraction as well as allows the device to withstand high temperatures.

The fan is also easy fitting, smiply push the bottom into chimney pot / flue pipe.

Technical data:

  • high quality steel draught generator, type "Quadrat"
  • diameter: 200 mm
  • internal diameter: 197 mm
  • height: 686 mm
  • weight: 10,4 kg
  • flue gas temperature (max): 400°C


Now available to buy for £756.00 + £25.00 postage


Choose a controller from below:

1. On surface mounted controller - £48.00

2. Under surface mounted controller - £41.00





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