There are a variety of issues to contemplate before purchasing your new fireplace. We have tried to answer as many of these as possible, but please let us know if there are any we have missed.

What type of chimney do I have and how does that affect my choice of fireplace or stove?

If you have a traditional built chimney in safe working condition, you can have a real fire or stove fitted. We inspect all chimneys before we sell you a fireplace or stove, to ensure that what you purchase is suitable for your home..

What type of gas fire can I have?

We have a large selection of gas fires available to our customers. We even have gas fires that do not require a traditional chimney, meaning you can have a beautiful warm gas fire in any living room.

How do I choose the correct fireplace material for my fire?

We can assist you and inform you of what is required depending on what type of fire you would like. This advice can save you money, as some fireplaces require lesser specifications than others.

What are the current relevant Building Regulations for fireplace installations?

Ards Fireplaces fit all fireplaces and stoves we supply to HETAS and building control regulations. All our fitters and staff are professionally trained and come from a background of the building and fireplace trade. This means that they understand how your home has been built and can fix or modify your house to your design properly.

How is a fireplace fitted?

Fireplaces and stoves must be fitted to meet current building regulations. This is a must for every home. There are cheap ways to fit fireplaces and stoves by cutting corners. Make sure that your family and home stay safe from fire and dangerous gasses, and be aware that coal and wood fires are far more dangerous than gas fires.

How do I care for my fireplace?

We offer a range of products and advice in our showroom to care for your fireplace and stove.

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