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The Gazco Riva2 800 is a striking high efficiency gas fire, designed to make both warming and visual impact in rooms of larger proportions. With several styling options available from our classical stone mantels to the more contemporary frameless hole-in-the-wall look fire, the Riva2 800 gas fire will create an alluring centre-piece to any room, whatever your interior taste.

The Riva2 800 gas fire is supplied with a Programmable Thermostatic remote control that allows you to control everything from ignition to extinguish, including thermostatic and timer programming functions to ensure that your home will always be warm and welcoming.

There is a wide range of frames to choose from, or the fire cane be fitted into a range of complete fireplaces. From more information and pricing please call the showroom on 02891827117.


Fuel Bed – Logs
Linings – Vermiculite, Black Reeded
Command Controls – Programmable thermostatic remote control
Flue – Balanced Flue
Installation – Can be installed as conventional flue with Riva2 renovation kit
Gas Type – Natural Gas or LPG
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